Lost Lake on Mount Hood

june and july 2015 N 356

Lost Lake is one of those places that “everyone” has been a one point or another. It’s one of those classic Mt. Hood views you see on postcards. I had never been there before until a few weeks ago. I think I was picturing a lake as crazy-busy as Timothy or Trillium. I hiked around the lake with the baby and saw only a few small groups until I reached the area around the lodge, where I took this photo.

We took the most direct road from Portland off Hwy 26, which was very beautiful and fun to drive until we got stuck bjune and july 2015 N 328ehind a log truck. I kind of enjoy these clear-cut ugly back roads, they remind me of where I grew up on the coast. When I got out to take this picture the power lines overhead were crackling loudly. The wildflowers were blooming all around tree stumps, under a coating of road dust.

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