Buck Lake

june and july 2015 N 381

I grew up on the Oregon coast, and I grew up swimming in the ocean. When you swim in the ocean, you can see your feet, the bottom is sandy and there are very few, if any creatures in the shallow areas. Swimming in lakes kind of freaks me out. You have to wade out into this still body of water and hope you don’t step on a broken beer bottle or a pointy stick or slip on a mossy rock. I hate not being able to see my fjune and july 2015 N 411eet.

Now that it’s summer, I’m renewing my quest for the perfect swimming spot. A lake that isn’t too muddy or teeming with rough skinned newts. Some place that isn’t too easy to get to; keep the crowds (and their trash) away. A nice, locals-only kind of place. Deep enough to swim, but not so deep that you can’t see what’s down there.

Nothing is perfect, but this spot came pretty close. That beautiful blue-green water, just a little muddy at the edges, and just a few salamanders floating in the water.

Why didn’t I know about Buck Lake sooner?

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