Cape Horn

june and july 2015 N 540Could you ever get tired of the Columbia River Gorge? I could not. I drove up the I-84 and along the Historic Columbia River Highway many times before I “realized” there was a Washinton side to explore, too. The first time I drove down SR-14, I pulled out at the slightly sketchy view point at Cape Horn and took a few photographs. Years later, I came across the Cape Horn trail in a hiking book and thought, “How the hell is there a trail at Cape Horn?”

My favorite hiking book recommended this trail for late spring, so I waited all year, and tried to hike it last April, only to find out that the lower part of the trail is closed for nesting falcons until early July. I came back this year, the day after they opened the lower trail with my husband, Jaden.

What I love best about the gorge is how tiny it makes me feel. I am just a little speck on this beautiful, ancient landscape.

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