Kings Mountain and the Lester Creek Pinnacles

No joke, this is one of the most beautiful forest I have ever hiked through. The trail up Kings mountain is steep, but it’s not that long and it’s not crazy dangerous or anything. There were quite a few other people on the trail that day, a weekday morning. I was recovering from a chest cold and really having a hard time breathing as a climbed, but who could complain in a forest like this one? The view from the top wasn’t bad, either.

spring summer 14 1170
View from the summit of Kings Mountain
spring summer 14 1184
A forest of shoulder high ferns and a carpet of tiny candy stripe flowers.
spring summer 14 1192
Pinnacle and surrounding valleys.

The pinnacles were pretty cool to climb around on, but I took the trail down Kings Mountain Jr. to the pinnacles, and I don’t recommend that route. It was steep, brushy, and the ground was loose pebbles and sand, so it was hard to keep a steady footing. If you’ve already been to the top of Kings Mountain, Kings Mountain Jr. is just a view of where you’ve been.

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