Silver Star Mountain from Ed’s trail

spring summer 14 1347

There are a number of different trails to the top of Silver Star mountain, and Ed’s trail is the shortest. It also features a cool rock arch, and beautiful flowers and fun rocky scrambles, plus lots of other places to explore along the way. You can see five cascade peaks on a clear day. The road access is a little tricky and a little rough, but that’s what keeps the crowds away, so I consider that a bonus. I came to Silver Star mountain alone, and I expected to have a quiet hike by myself.

spring summer 14 1346

Instead I found myself in the middle of a 50k foot race. There were a lot of people hiking along side me, and they were all friendly, fun, and excited to be there. I surprised myself by actually enjoying the company of 100 strangers. I’d also like to think the crowds helped scare the snakes away for me, so I only had to see one little one among the rocks on the way up.

spring summer 14 1345

I know too many avid hikers who have not done Silver Star mountain. If this includes you, well, you need to get your shit together, because you are missing out on life by not enjoying this beautiful place. The trail is not long, steep, or hard to follow. If I could do it at 22 weeks pregnant, you can do it, too.

spring summer 14 1338

spring summer 14 1336

spring summer 14 1307

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